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Three (3) Things Happened:

  1. Vision
  2. Timing
  3. Capacity



Bill Gates of Microsoft says you need three (3) things to happen.

The 3 things are the following:

1. Vision – A people receiving the vision and a leader* guided by the vision.

2. Timing – The world wide urgency for an extraordinary change event.

3. Capacity – The capacity was facilitated by the Internet. This capacity allowed Barack to present to America and the world himself , his family and message that was appealing and non threatening. The two little girls (his daughters) were an icing on the cake. Last, but not the least an understanding and supportive wife, Michelle. No, they did not have a dog; however, there is a promise to get one.

Note: The solution requires all three to occur at the same time.

Many have had the vision over the pass 20 generations (400 years) in America. Often the time seemed right, yet the capacity was missing. Today we witness the Power of 3.

Let me not neglect to mention an extraordinary leadership of Barack Obama.

The following only partly describes the person.

*Barack Obama:

A man and a leader with the experience of living this live in full color

A man with direct family connections and understanding of our Mother continent Africa.

A man with direct connection to misery around the world through early years in Malaysia.

A man with direct connection to the misery of life in Urban America.

A man with direct connection to a loving mother and Grandmother

A man with direct connection to the impact of growing up without a father in the home.

A man with direct connection to the challenges of fatherhood

A man with connection to a loving wife that understands how he sees the world

A man with a loving wife and two daughters that gave him a soft presence before others.

Tara Wallace



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